Unique Features

  • Sidebars are provided with channels for fixing, this  allows crossbars and accessories to be fitted at any given point along the  sidebar.
  • Crossbars has a rubber inlay to improve grip when  fixing a load to the rack           The leading crossbar of the double cab rack is fitted  with fins at the bottom to greatly reduce wind noise when travelling at high  speeds.
  •           The cab bracket has a 360 degree flexibility to allow  it to be fitted to most makes of vehicles. The hinge point of the swivel at the  base of the bracket is set off centre to transfer more pressure to the outside  of the bracket where the vehicle roof is stronger to prevent denting.
  • The canopy bracket has a 30mm up and down adjustment  to allow the canopy rack to be lined up with the cab rack when fitted to a  double cab with a lo-line canopy and also for adjustment when fitted to single  cab canopies.

Purpose of the sidebar

The top of the sidebar is  40mm higher than the top of the crossbar, this:

  • Prevents side shift of a load  when cornering
  • Makes it easier to secure a load
  • Improves stability when  braking with a load
  • Facilitates a more streamlined look

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